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Through the Empower LA program, LA Kitchen helps develop job skills for men and women to find reliable income and avoid homelessness.

  • Each year, over 100 men and women participate in Empower LA - a 15-week culinary job training program.
  • 100 transition age youth or men and women returning home from prison participate in the 15-week Empower LA program to develop skills for full time employment.
  • Training in the foodservice industry helps over 100 men and women find employment each year.

Food Waste


LA Kitchen’s Impact LA program rescues thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables from being needlessly thrown away and creates healthy meals for the community.

  • Over 100,000 pounds of cosmetically imperfect produce is collected by Impact LA each year.
  • Rescued produce is prepared for distribution by over 3,000 volunteers of all ages.
  • Impact LA has distributed over 40,000 meals to nonprofit partner agencies so far in 2016.
  • With the help of volunteer labor and donated produce, the average meal produced through Impact LA costs approximately $3.



Ageism impacts both young and old, creating barriers to getting employment and promotions because of unfair stereotypes. LA Kitchen fights ageism by utilizing an intergenerational approach for job skills training, volunteering and employing older men and women.

  • Through Impact LA volunteer experiences, older adults and young people work side-by-side and connect through meaningful dialogue with job trainees and graduates.
  • Empower LA combines emancipated foster youth and older adults transitioning out of incarceration to help reduce systemic patterns of recidivism and increase employment probabilities through intergenerational learning.
  • LA Kitchen employs graduates of Empower LA who may face ageism in securing full-time living wage employment.



Keeping a job reduces the likelihood of recidivism. That’s why LA Kitchen’s 15-week training program, Empower LA, teaches life skills and professional development, giving individuals skills to earn a living wage.

  • Through the 15-week job training program, Empower LA, students learn life skills and receive professional development training to enhance their ability to get and keep a job, which reduces the likelihood of recidivism.
  • With the assistance of a Workforce Development Coordinator, graduates receive leads, support and guidance in securing a job, maintaining employment and support when seeking a promotion.



LA Kitchen is able to directly address issues of hunger by providing healthy, scratch-made meals for people who need them. This includes seniors, children in after-school programs and adults in recovery.

  • Through Strong Food, over 45,000 healthy, scratch-made meals have been served to seniors through 10 seniors centers in NE Los Angeles.
  • 40,000 no-cost meals, salads and snacks using donation produce have been given to after-school programs, drug treatment centers, and programs that empower the homeless.



By providing training of men and women with food service skills, LA Kitchen is able to help people find work in living wage jobs and reduce unemployment.

  • Empower LA trains 100 men and women each year for jobs in the foodservice industry.
  • Empower LA training costs $5,000 which includes uniforms, supplies and a travel stipend.
  • L.A. Kitchen employs graduates of Empower LA who may face ageism in securing full-time living wage employment.